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Dr. M.A. (Peggy) Smith, R.P.F.

Presentations and papers on Mining EAs 2012

May 9, 2012 by Peggy Smith

Chromite Mining

Developing Ontario’s Ring of Fire: Possible Impacts from the Cliffs Chromite MineĀ 

Critical Review on Osisko Hammond Reef Gold Mine Relations with Aboriginal Communities

Impacts of Mitta Lake Drainage in Hammond Reef Gold Project

Hammond Reef Gold Mine and the Potential Effects on Fish

Hammond Reef Gold Project and the Seine River First Nation

Marathon Mining Project: Effects of an Open Pit Mine on the Watershed

Marathon Mine: Contamination of the Lake Superior Basin

Eagle’s Nest Project: Slurry Pipeline

Noront Eagle’s Nest Project: Energy Alternatives to Diesel

Noront Eagle’s Nest Presentation

Cliffs Chromite Mine Presentation

Hammond Reef Gold Mine Presentation

Marathon Mine Presentation